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Your opinion counts and make us serve you better. Please take few minutes and let us know anything. From our monthly meetings, membership, seminars, etc. Below you will find few subjects as well as a blank space. We know you are professionals and know how to keep yourself at that level. Your privacy is well kept as you can see we only ask about your professional status.
Please tell us about your membership. Do you think the amount that you pay yearly is well justified for what you get in return?
Do you have any suggestions regarding what material you would like to see in our monthly meetings?
Tell us about the Refresher Course the Division offers every year. Are they worthy? Would you like to suggest other material than the ones offered? How about the instructors? How about the time?
Please tell us about your experiences with any other issues that we did not cover above: Inspectors, Jointly Seminars, Organization, Jurisdictions or State Issues. Feel free, remember we do not know who you are, unless you tell us. Thank you for your time.