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We apologize for using the SW Division website for this survey, but it is the easiest to manage and the opinions and comments are going to the same person.

Lorenzo Adam, Secretary for both the SW Division and the Ohio Chapter

Here are the questions that would truly help us make sure that we can continue offering the Ohio Chapter Annual Meeting Seminar.

Just a little bit of history as I understood from past Secretaries and Board Members. The main reason reason the Ohio Chapter in partners with each Division every year is to give a chance to those Division members to attend the Annual Chapter Meeting Seminar.

There are faithful members that travel far distances to attend this meeting every year (The Board of Directors thanks you for your support).

The following questions were put together by the Board of Directors to hear what the membership also has to say. I personally encourage you to please answer the questions and at the end ther is blank box for you write whatever your opinion or concern that we did not express in the questions presented.  
Would a centralized location make the meeting more attractive and attainable?

Would re-formatting the meeting to a two day event make it easier for you to attend?

Are there specific educational topics that you would find invaluable making it worth your while to attend?

Would raising the registration fee be a reason you would not or could not attend?

And lastly, please let us know your thoughts that were not reflected in the questions above. Your name is optional. Thank you for helping us take the Ohio Chapter IAEI to the next level.